Bringing NEW ENERGY to your airport operations

麦吉航空bet5365亚洲公司正在重新设计机场和地面bet5365亚洲的提供方式. Think of us as the “un-vendor.” Not rigid or status quo. But agile, creative problem solvers. From baggage handling to airplane cleaning, from check-in services to ground operations, from ramping to mobility assistance, bet5365亚洲将为您的运营和客户bet5365亚洲带来前所未见的活力.

Helping airlines and airports perform beyond the common norms

McGee teams are governed by accountability and ownership. We see ourselves as extensions of our customers’ brands. 当bet5365亚洲做好地面和机场bet5365亚洲时,bet5365亚洲的客户是受益者. There’s a chain reaction of exceptional service. When bags roll down the conveyor promptly. 当乘客在轮椅上受到尊重和愉快的照顾时. When aircraft interiors are sparkly clean. When gate lines move smoothly.

Ground and Airport Services

Owned by one of the highest-ranked airlines on the planet

Our parent company is Alaska Airlines, the nation’s fifth-largest airline, serving 100+ destinations across North America. Alaska has intentionally built a culture of safety, performance, and caring deeply for customers and employees alike, 这反映在“最佳工作场所”和“最佳航空公司”的连续排名中, including those from Forbes, J.D. Power, U.S. News & World Report, Kayak, and Tripadvisor. Excellence is in our DNA.

A legacy of making things happen

The name McGee actually traces its roots back to 1932, when Linious “Mac” McGee created McGee Airways, the forerunner of Alaska Airlines, to serve the rough-and-tumble Alaskan frontier. 这个名字代表了一种创业精神、职业道德和坚韧不拔的精神. And it carries forward to today, McGee独立于母公司运营,专注于航空bet5365亚洲.

Meet the McGee Leadership Team

Sunae Park
Sunae Park


A seasoned aviation veteran, Sunae Park拥有近30年多元化的金融业务和领导经验, accounting, operations, project management and training. “Sunae在阿拉斯加航空公司从事了7年的机场运营培训和领导支持工作,为麦基带来了大量的专业知识,McGee董事会主席兼阿拉斯加航空首席运营官Constance von Muehlen说. “Known for her problem-solving moxie, laser focus on safety, and talent for building high-performing teams, Sunae is very well suited to lead McGee.”

Park comes to McGee from Alaska Airlines, 她最近在哪里担任飞行战略与支持的总经理. An 18-year employee of the airline, Park has held several other key management positions, including managing director of airport services, 空中资源管理总监和会计运营总监. 在阿拉斯加的母公司收购维珍美国之后, Sunae领导了两家航空公司机场业务的成功整合. 她还帮助指导全企业的多元化和包容性倡议, 担任包容咨询委员会主席,并共同创立阿拉斯加航空公司女性互动网络小组.

Prior to joining Alaska Airlines, 朴槿惠曾在普华永道(PricewaterhouseCoopers)担任担保和企业咨询bet5365亚洲经理,并在两家西海岸技术初创企业担任内部会计. 朴教授拥有俄勒冈大学会计和心理学学士学位.

Michael Francis
Michael Francis

Managing Director, Operations – SEA

Mike于2020年2月加入McGee Air Service的高级领导团队,担任西雅图以外所有地点的运营董事总经理, 2021年7月,他担任西雅图站现任董事总经理. He brings considerable operational and leadership experience, 在商业和私人航空领域工作超过15年.

Mike began his career in Portland, Oregon, with Evergreen Aviation, where he was an operations manager. He moved to Atlantic Aviation, 他在斯托克顿担任直线bet5365亚洲经理,指导公司和私人飞机处理的所有方面, California, for nine years. In 2017, Mike became McGee’s station manager in San Jose, California. 第二年,他继续担任旧金山的运营总监. Mike has been instrumental in McGee’s success in California, proving himself an effective leader, adept at building strong-performing and cohesive teams.


Ben Reed
Ben Reed

Managing Director, Safety & Compliance

Ben started his career as a CPA for Deloitte & Touche. 2009年,他加入阿拉斯加航空,担任内部审计,后来转行, in 2012, 担任机场运营和客户bet5365亚洲经理,负责机场质量保证. 2013年,本被提升为航空安全和监管合规总监. Before joining McGee Air Services in 2016, 本曾担任阿拉斯加航空公司车站运营支持主管, where he oversaw resource planning, cabin cleaning, ground support equipment, and deicing.

Ben has proven to be a tremendously talented and versatile team player. 他最初于2016年5月加入McGee Air Services,担任董事总经理, safety and compliance, 2017年7月负责西雅图匝道bet5365亚洲运营,2019年3月负责Paine Field. At Sea-Tac and Paine, 本负责900多名团队成员,每天为200多个航班提供地面bet5365亚洲和其他bet5365亚洲. 2020年2月,本继续担任安全与合规部门董事总经理.


Marie Underwood
Marie Underwood

CFO and Managing Director, Finance

玛丽于1994年开始在联合航空公司工作,在2005年离开梅萨航空集团之前,她担任过几个职位,职责越来越大. 她于2006年加入地平线航空公司,担任部门维护总监. In 2008, she transitioned to Alaska Airlines, initially as division controller for maintenance and engineering, 然后担任机场运营和客户bet5365亚洲部门总监. 玛丽在平衡业务需求和管理成本方面的能力得到了一致的认可, for her ability to optimize processes, and for her dependability and attention to detail.

她持有the University of Portland的工商管理学士学位,以及the University of Washington的工商管理硕士学位.

Chéri Ruger
Chéri Ruger

Managing Director, Human Resources

Chéri has a rich history with Alaska Air Group. 2000年,她作为地平线航空公司的空姐开始了自己的航空生涯, then moved to Alaska Airlines in 2003 first as an executive assistant, then as crew hotel and transportation coordinator, labor relations manager, HR generalist, and HR manager, where she supported the airport operations, maintenance, and safety divisions. Cheri是2016年创建McGee的最初管理团队的成员,也是第一个在阿拉斯加航空集团所有三家公司工作过的人.

Chéri认为,建立个人关系和相互尊重是领导人力资源团队的指导原则. 她以平易近人而又严肃的风格著称,她愿意卷起袖子,投入到任何问题或挑战中. 她致力于发展麦基的参与和包容的多元化文化.